When It Comes to College Life, These Are Some Tips for Balancing Work and Play

Conventional wisdom is that one should never mix work and play. There are times when conventional wisdom shows its age, and this is one of those times.

At one point, the average person held a job they hated. They went to work because it was expected of them, and then they had to sacrifice their dreams because they started a family. That is a long-term commitment that can’t be set aside simply because one is no longer fond of what they do for a living. In those cases, there was a hard line between doing serious work and having fun. It would have been almost impossible to mix work and play because work was such a miserable slog.

Thankfully, people are more likely to work intentionally. That is to say, they choose a type of work that they enjoy and are able to infuse fun into what, for someone else, would be a daily grind. College is a little like this. It is the adventure of a lifetime that happens to be serious business. When you are a college student, your education is your full-time job. But it would be absurd to suggest that it shouldn’t also be infused with a sense of fun and play. College is not just a job you do during the day and leave in the evening. College is your whole life, especially if you live on campus. College is the perfect marriage of work and play. Here’s how to make sure that marriage is a happy one for you:

Save Your Money

Whatever the lust-worthy thing happens to be to die for at the moment, it isn’t. And there will be something else next month. If you blow your money the first week you arrive at university, you will have a long, difficult stay over the next four years.

Get your hands on a monthly budget template and start saving your pennies. You are going to need books that weren’t on the book list, supplies, computer repairs, and endless cases of Monster drinks and pizza. There will be plays and concerts and sports events and dates and… You get the idea. There might come a time when your parents have to teach you a lesson about financial responsibility. If you get a monthly allowance, grant money, or a paycheck from a part-time job, you have to learn how to both enjoy it and save it at the same time. That is the ultimate mixing of business and pleasure. If you are in desperate need of more funds, then you may want to see how else you can earn money online. You can read this post about the various ways this can be achieved and see if one of them stands out to you. It has the potential to benefit you greatly if you are struggling.

The Right Gadgets

It is hard to be a modern college student without being a bit of a gadget geek. Gadgets for students can help you keep your college life running smoothly. Most college students neither have the money nor the space for two smartphones, two tablets, or two computers. The idea of having a separate work computer will come once you leave university. In the meantime, you need to find the right multitasker that can do it all.

The best student laptops for 2021 will need to be good for both work and play. They need enough connectivity for all your school needs and enough horsepower for some serious gaming at the end of a long study session. It needs to have great speakers for listening to music and watching TV. It needs a great webcam for remote group projects. And it also needs to be very affordable. It has a lot of work to do and many hats to wear. That is true for all gadgets a student will need to get them through school.

Choose Your Friends Wisely

The friends you make on your first day of orientation will often be what makes or breaks your career as a student. Be careful about choosing the fun and popular students as friends and mentors. Their priorities may not be good for you. Rather, form bonds with other students who are not just looking for the next rager, but who are interested in being a success in school and beyond.

When you have found these people, you must try your hardest to build up a good rapport with them. In a relationship, whether personal or professional, trust and respect is of the greatest importance, especially if you want it to blossom. Taking the time to study with them, helping them where it is needed, as well as buying specific pheromones from sites like True Pheromones, can all play a part in helping you to choose your friends wisely and connect with them on a much deeper level.

When times are tough, what you need is someone who will help you study and not someone who will give you reasons not to bother.

When it comes to college, you need to have both work and play. Achieve the perfect balance by saving your money, choosing the right tech, and making the right friends.