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It’s vulgar, I love it

Are fashion and bad taste connected terms? A recent exhibition is about to find out, showing us things as vulgar as they can be. Exhibitions devoted to fashion are usually based on one period of time, a designer, or a famous individual(s), like Michael Jackson, the Queen, or David Bowie. Such events aren’t usually based […]

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Dr Mark Porter: What you must know about statins

The opinions on such drugs are controversial, but some people say you can never miss if you want to have a healthier life.   Statins become more and more popular nowadays, so now we can add them to the list of “death and taxes” duo. When you enter middle age you will be offered to […]

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Digital nomads abandon home for the outdoors

You will not notice anything strange about Stef Roberts when he is catching the train to work, as he looks like an ordinary civilian. But if you think he has arrived to the station from his house, you are wrong. He goes to the station every weekday from the nearby forest where he chooses to […]

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The nanny state and adverse lifestyle choices

  Sir Clare Foges says that the government could have saved much money for the NHS if the so-called “nanny state” was intact. This would help prevent many deaths among young people who drink alcohol, smoke, and eat till they start suffering from obesity. It’s clear that the lives of some people could have been […]

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Men, your country needs you — to blog

Women are the leaders in the blogging industry, this is a fact. But what about boys? Why is there such a little number of male bloggers in Ireland, writing the things they wish to talk about?   The blogging industry is blooming nowadays, because youth likes popularity, and many bloggers really have great ideas and […]

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World-class UK teaching will still attract students

While the debate regarding Brexit is raging still, students and people involved in the higher education system are getting more supportive of staying in the EU by the day. In fact, many od\f them are active participants of the campaign advocating to keep Great Britain as the part of the EU. It’s not surprising that […]

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