Me and My Life

profile-photo-croppedHi. How are you? My name is Elizabeth Dufour. My friends call me Lissy. I am 23 years old. I was born and raised in France but currently living in the United States to study in college. I’m taking up Bachelor of Arts Major in Economics at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC). I feel so cool when I write the name of my school. It brings much pride. Anyway.

It’s not that hard to please me. As long as you know the things that I love and don’t love, we can really get along with each other. Some of the things I love: sunshine, life in general, peanut butter, autumn, breakfast, big earrings, pink roses and peonies, Germany, avocado, anything sparkly, duck egg blue Minis, bellinis, musicals, houmous. Things that I dislike are raw tomatoes, rudeness, cats, people who aren’t enthusiastic about anything, slow walkers, bad grammar, coriander (so much).

I’m a LDR veteran, which means that I got used to being away from my family, though I really miss them big time. But life here in the US has been so interesting. As a student, having the freewill to explore, try new things and experiment in stuffs give me a sense of independence and total control over my life. With these discoveries, I began to develop the habit of documenting my life and share it to the world. That is why I created this website called a few years ago for the love of sharing.

In today’s world, you can’t escape the power of the internet. It’s becoming necessary to have your own online presence. Nobody’s excused. That’s why I grabbed this opportunity of free self-promotion to share how incredible life is in the eyes of a modern student like me. Moreover, it even enhances my ability to be more creative with what I do and more involved in giving back to the society.

I cover different topics in my blog. Basically, these are the things that I love. If I love it, I blog it. One particular topic is on education. It’s hard to support oneself in college for a lot of reasons like tuition fees, dorm rent, projects, etc. But beyond these reasons, one does not simply take for granted education if he or she wants to be successful in life. This is your initial armament in the employment warzone.

As a student, fashion trends are always on my lookout. It’s what puts color to my life. The beauty of college fashion is that it is so diverse and weird in some ways yet it’s good to look at. Also if you are in college, your life at this stage undergoes a training ground on how to look good in preparation for employment. As long as you know how to carry yourself, anything you wear becomes an external representation of your inner you.

A couple of years passed, my blog did not stop growing. Constantly, my monthly unique viewers increased. This lead to companies and other entities contacting me about forging partnerships, proposing sponsorships and posting advertisements on my blog. Right there and then, I knew that my blog will be a financial source for me. The income that I get from Adsense and affiliate programs was used to pay for my college expenses. My drive to share part of my life to the world went to the next level because of this.

Well, again, if you’re into education, food, travel, latest gadgets and technology, fashion, France, arts and crafts, then this is the place for you. I hope visiting my site may give you a smidge more zest for life and leave you with a smile on your face.