Finding a Good Campus-Life Balance

It’s impossible to stay sane in school, unless you are actually studying.

My roommate this year had his lessons at 8 am on Saturdays and as he was more into cooking we would then cook together for the afternoon. I had to stay in the dorm for 2 hours to allow him to cook as the kitchen was not heated. We’d wake up at 7 am to go to the gym, eat breakfast and head to our classes. At 3 pm we’d stop in the cafeteria for a quick meal before heading back. We ate at 8 pm.

Naturally we studied in our rooms together at night. Because we ate lunch early in the morning, we started waking up late in the evening, which meant we could have a night of sleeping over in our rooms.

Friday night was an exception as I had to study for an exam. The dinner would be the same routine as in the morning – breakfast in the dorm room, then cooking together, and then studying in our rooms again.

Sunday was also an exception – there was no reason to wake up at 7 am on Sundays so we slept in until 2 pm. Since I was looking to relax with an online casino Canada was the natural choice in possibilities, because that’s a very sensible market for this sort of thing.

Monday was not too bad either, as I did a couple of lessons in the morning and then I could go to the gym and have a good workout. As we had to go to another town to get a bus to go home from class, I would just have a late lunch back in town and then be back to our rooms by about 6 pm.

By Saturday, we would finish our classes at around 12 pm and then start cooking. We’d have dinner together and then I would go to sleep as I had another class at 4 pm. At 8 pm we’d wake up to go to the gym again and then we’d have dinner at 8:30 pm before going back to our rooms. It was a long routine for us, as we were both studying hard at the beginning of the semester and my roommate had to do 2 more courses.

This process of going to the gym every morning before going to the classes was hard on us both. I spent my Monday evenings studying for my Tuesday evening classes, so it was hard to go to the gym after my class. We had a very good routine as we could go to the gym before the classes and then after it, we could have dinner before going back to the dorms. If it wasn’t too cold or wet, we’d go to the gym for an hour in the morning before going to the classes.

Between the gym, classes, and studying our sleep cycle certainly wasn’t ideal. I was trying my best to find time to relax and rest. Reading up on sleep schedules and recovery on websites such as Urbansportsclub and others certainly would’ve been beneficial, had I known about them at the time. In any case, I was doing the best I can given the circumstances.

It would probably have also been a good idea to plan around my schedule and take some time out to visit a Massage Spa near me to unwind and get some of the stress off my shoulders. But with how busy I was, at the time it seemed impossible to take time off for this sort of activity.

Monday afternoons I would go back to the gym as soon as I would finish my class at 6 pm. Then I would study until around 9 pm when I was done with my study materials. I’d go back to the gym for an hour of cardio at 9:30 pm and then study for an hour after that.

On Tuesday evenings, we would have dinner before my classes. That was the reason why it was harder to wake up early on Monday mornings. When the time for class would come around, I would start waking up from bed and go to the gym at around 8 am.

A different routine is easy to come by when studying in a city and having a flexible schedule.

My goal was to do at least 45 hours of studying a week and 5 hours of sleep in bed a night. That is something I could do easily because we had no deadlines in our courses and even if I had to be at the gym before 8 am.