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Student Spending Tips

  Budgeting as a student is rarely easy. For students who have little source of income outside of loans and part-time work, it can be a real struggle to make your money stretch over the course of the semester. If you want to be able to enjoy yourself (and survive) you might need a little […]

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How to prepare for essay writing competition in UK?

Essay writing is not only a method of academic assessment or winning prizes, but also an art, which is a bit tricky rather than easy. It is an art of reporting and describing a certain topic in a competitive way. Writing a good essay requires not only storytelling skills but also a good story presentation […]

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Why Website speed is important in today’s online world

In an online landscape where competition is constantly reaching and shattering unprecedented records, speed is the name of the game. If you’re not able to outpace the competition, you’ve practically lost the race before you’ve even gotten out of the gate. There is far too much saturation in every market to rely entirely on making […]

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Saving Money On The Sale Of Your House

More than ever before, more and more people are realizing the importance of buying houses. As such, the cost of selling is at an all-time high. Thus, one way to reduce the cost of selling your house is by selling your house through an online estate agent. While it may take a little longer to […]

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Top 10 Study Abroad Tips

Studying abroad is a bit of a fun idea. With this concept of education, you are already doing two things at the same time: traveling and studying. It is somewhat part of someone’s bucketlist to earn a degree different country. But just like all things that are new to you, you can’t always see the […]

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How to raise a happy eater — the experts’ guide

It’s proven that about quarter of kids have troubles with food, but parents still can fix the situation. Nearly every night a 2-year old daughter of Melanie Potock ate nothing but a bowl of Cheerios with milk as supper. This lasted for about a year, and maybe will sound like a falimial situation for some […]

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Right to food ‘could be enshrined into Scots law’

The government of Scotland is thinking of mentioning the food right into the Scottish law. It became one of the thoughts of the government after they have read this year’s report published by the Independent Working Group on Food Poverty. The organizations states that even though enshrining will not put an end to food insecurity […]

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Our financial adviser cost us our life savings

A couple lost about £350,000 retirement savings due to an unprofessional advice, and the company is still to pay them. David and Sheila Solomon hired a financial adviser to invest money into their peaceful retirement. However, due to a piece of advice from the specialist that have literally lost £350,000, as now they worth about […]

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